Hadlow Road

The intention for the home was to create a simple building with clean lines and high ceilings that also created a ‘grand sense of space’. Situated on a four hectare rural block with views to the Two Thumb range and Aoraki Mt Cook on a good day a grand sense of the view was also important. The 4 gable ends reference the 4 peaks range that is very prominent to South Canterbury

The final design is two pitched-roof buildings, one built slight behind the other to create a long building which makes the most of the view and the sun. A stunning living room, which opens fully to the outdoors, provides the link between the two buildings.

Rain water is collected from the roof and treated through a three-stage filtration system. This water is used to supply the house in the first instance and used for everything from drinking to washing. A well is used as a back-up in the times of a protracted dry spell as happened this past summer.

The exterior of the house is clad with cedar boards which are random depths and widths to give the house a textured feel. The boards are not stained and will naturally go grey as they age. 

The home was built by Dimension Building Ltd and Completed in 2014

The Home has featured in Latitude Magazine in 2015 and Your Home and Garden in 2016. 

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